International Express, Inc. was purchased by its current owner, Masao Mitsui, July 1, 1988; with only a couple of trucks and a very small share of warehouse space, he started with a very clear understanding of the type of organization he wanted to lead.

“Customer – Crew – Company” became our motto. Mr. Mitsui knew that if he took care of his customers and his employees, they would take care of his company.

Borrowing from the Kyocera Philosophy, International Express always strive to serve its customers, employees and other stakeholders , at all times, ethically, fairly, sincerely, and with sound moral values - while always asking the question: "What is the right thing to do as a human being?"

To our customers we pledge:

  • Excellent Consistent Service Fulfillment
  • Personal Attention
  • Total Resource Commitment
  • Timely Response
  • Attentive Problem Resolution

To our employees we pledge:

  • Personal profession development opportunities
  • Fair and honest pay and benefit policies
  • Incentives for excellence
  • A qualified profit sharing program
  • Extraordinary benefits
  • Equal employment opportunities

To our community we pledge:

  • Fair trade practices
  • Financial responsibility
  • Timely and accurate tax reporting and payment
  • Environmental accounting/waste reduction
  • Storm runoff contamination mitigation and control
  • Reasonable profits