We frequently receive questions about everything from our hours of operation to how we process freight claims. We have assembled the most frequently asked questions here for your review; we may add to the list from time to time as more questions arise.

Your sales material says that you do everything from container hauling and break bulk delivery services to warehousing and storage; what does your company do especially well?

It is true that we have the capacity to perform well for any part of your ground transportation and storage needs on Oahu, but where we excel is in our ability to work with you, your people and your special logistic needs. We develop personal as well as professional relationships with most of our customers and in that close relational environment we actually become a part of your organization meeting your special needs, solving problems, doing the extra little things that helps differentiate you among your customers.

Do you perform Credit Checks on new customers prior to delivery?

If we are discussing a special delivery, or a onetime delivery, we will ask that you pay for the costs in advance, either by check or credit card. If we are developing a relationship for ongoing transportation services, we may start the services and perform the credit check as time permits; if the report is unfavorable, we work with you to develop a payment solution that meets your needs.

How much lead time do you require for scheduling a delivery or pick-up?

With many customers we have a standing Schedule and request only that they provide the details of each delivery as soon as possible 24 hours in advance of the service – to provide us time to put the paperwork together properly. This includes Will-Calls. Other customers simply assign there FTL loads to us from the shipping company – the shipping company lets us know when a container has been assigned to us and by whom. Nevertheless, we work within the parameters of our customers’ needs, so if you have special circumstances we can always work around them.

How do you receive service requests/orders?

By phone, fax, email , or any way you choose.

What does palletized cargo mean?

We normally refer to cargo that arrives neatly stacked on standard pallets wrapped in special stretch wrap packaging as palletized cargo. Some customer prefer to hand stack their cargo into shipping containers to maximize the amount of cargo the container can carry. When we receive this type of container, we typically unload and palletize the cargo for the customer to make handling the cargo from that point to the delivery as risk free from damage as possible. Some customers prefer to have their cargo palletized at the point of origin and wrapped in security stretch wrap, which provides an additional element of protection from damage.

What is the difference between Matson containers, Horizon containers and intermodal containers?

For practical purposes the only difference between a Matson and Horizon container is that their owned either by the Matson Line or the Horizon Line. They are both intermodal containers, which is the industry term for any shipping container designed to be transported by different methods. In Hawaii, those shipping containers are the most common form of intermodal containers; designed to be transported by ship over open ocean, then transferred to trailer chassis to be taken from the piers to their destination; often those containers can be taken to the interisland barge services where they are transported to ports on the neighbor islands. Other intermodal containers used in Hawaii include "Flat Racks", that are better for getting large dimensional freight from the mainland or foreign ports to Hawaii; there are "vehicle racks", "Tank Containers" for transporting everything from soda syrup to milk to industrial chemicals. Even portable offices and emergency response communications equipment can be seen using the same transportation system such as the common "shipping container".

What is a ULD, or PMC, or LD?

Air cargo use different type of containers system most commonly referred to as LDs, or ULDs (ULD is an acronym for Unit Loading Devise). These are containers and larger pallets (PMCs) designed to fit into the cargo hold of wide body aircraft and certain narrow body aircraft. The most common type of LDs are shown below.
*Pallet volumes shown are built 64 in tall for lower deck loading. Height limit for main deck depends on aircraft type.

Can you arrange for my freight on the East Coast (mainland) to be delivered to our warehouse in Honolulu?

Yes but we prefer to refer you to one of our trusted strategic business partners who specialize in freight forwarding/consolidating. Depending upon where your freight is, how much there is and what frequency you ship, these companies can use a variety of trucking, shipping, rail and other methods to assure your freight arrives on time and undamaged. Since they handle huge volumes of freight, they get better pricing and guaranteed space on rails, ships and even air cargo carriers.

Can you deliver inside my store?

Yes. We frequently deliver to stores large and small throughout Oahu. We can use hand trucks for smaller individual deliveries, or we can bring an entire pallet into your store and help you down stack the pallet; assuring that your freight arrives as it was shipped, with the fewest number of hands touching it.

Can you deliver my goods and take away the rubbish?

Yes. We charge a very reasonable assessorial fee for debris removal and disposal. For some customers, the process is included in our delivery rates; many customers receive pallets of goods one week and when we return with their next week’s delivery, we take back the pallets left the week before.

Can we will-call our goods from your warehouse?

Yes. Our normal will call hours are between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm Monday through Friday. We can make arrangements to have your cargo ready on weekends and outside of these hours with prior notice.

Can you handle hazardous materials?

Yes. We have personnel and equipment designed especially for most common hazardous materials, like batteries and appropriately packaged retail and commercial chemicals. We have accommodated some unusual requests as well, such as special ammunition deliveries to government agencies and radiated medical products.