Inbound LTL/LCL – Less than a truck load/ less than a container load from foreign ports, domestic mainland ports, or simply the neighbored islands.

Count the number of times your current less-than-truckload carrier handles your shipment before delivery. International Express receives your cargo, either at our dock directly from the ports and/or airlines, or we will pick it up at another dock, break it down in our warehouse and distribute it to your customers at your direction. We can also pick your cargo up at your facility on Oahu and deliver it directly to your customers anywhere on the island. Less handling means less opportunity for loss or damage.

Inbound FTL/FCL – Full truck loads/full container loads from foreign ports, domestic mainland ports, or simply the neighbored islands to your facility or your customer’s dock.

We “Spot” your container by picking it up at any of the ports in Honolulu and delivering it to the location you specify on Oahu. We can stand by while the container is discharged, or leave and return to pick it up for re-delivery back to the port. Our charge to Spot your container is all inclusive for the pickup, drop off and return trip. If our driver is requested to standby, additional charges may apply.

Inbound Airfreight – From PMCs (LD7s) to individual pallets, International Express has the experience and the equipment to manage your needs.

Our Waiwai Loop Refrigerated Warehouse is located within 1 mile of all the airlines cargo facilities. From this location we dispatch drivers to receive air-freighted shipments daily and deliver them to your location on Oahu

Outbound FTL/FCL/ LTL/LCL – Whether you need to move one or more full containers or simply move a few pallets to foreign ports, domestic mainland ports, or simply the neighbored islands.

We work hand in glove with Hawaii’s major shipping lines, freight consolidators and import/export specialists who can design a logistics plan that exceeds your expectations. Rather than depend upon the resources of a single source provider, we can help you select the logistics services that meets your specific needs and then our people go to work to make sure that your outbound freight is picked up, packaged for shipping and delivered to the docks or airlines quickly and efficiently.

Perishable Commodities – When freshness counts.

We are a perishable commodity specialist, receiving your air shipments and bringing them to our Waiwai Loop Warehouse; where we break down your air cargo in a temperature controlled environment and prepare it for delivery to your facility or your customer’s doorsteps. We feature same day service, and can work well into the evening if and when plane arrivals are delayed.

Chill and Frozen Commodities – We have the equipment and the experience to assure that your temperature sensitive requirements are met.

We routinely handle LTL and FTL refrigerated goods in the same quick efficient and safe manner that we manage all cargo. We maintain temperature readings that assure your commodities are safe when they arrive at their destination. We use our refrigerated warehouse to break large shipments down into individual deliveries in a temperature controlled environment. We can store your goods in our frozen and chilled storage either short term or long term awaiting your delivery instructions, or we can turn around FTL shipments into individual deliveries on the same day – your choice.

USDA FSIS Meat, Egg and Poultry Inspection Service.

We provide complete inbound foreign meat, egg and poultry USDA FSIS (Food Safety and Inspection Service). We work with your US Customs Agent (or we can recommend one for you) to assure a timely clearance of your valuable cargo. We pick your container(s) up at the port and spot them at our refrigerated warehouse, where we stage your cargo for inspection, palletizing or re-palletizing as may be necessary for a successful inspection. We arrange to have a USDA FSIS Agent in our warehouse upon receipt of your cargo and we work with the Agent to assure a timely but thorough process. We then deliver your product after inspection to your facility, or directly to any number of your customers.

Hawaii State Agricultural Inspection – for both ocean cargo and airfreight.

We work with you to declare all inbound agricultural products so that State of Hawaii Agriculture Inspectors are available at the airport or our terminal upon the arrival of your freight. We assure that the inspection process is timely and reduces the delay an uncoordinated shipment can experience.

SITs Consolidations and Splits – we manage difficult shipments

Managing multiple deliveries from multiple containers is our specialty. Combining those deliveries, or separating them, or simply marrying them with others for shipment to the neighbor islands can often determine whether or not the cargo is received on time, in good condition and under the most cost effective terms available.

Oversize and Overweight – We have the equipment and experience to get the job done

We can arrange escorted loads, rout over sized and overweight loads and obtain the necessary permitting. Often, we find that heavy containers simply need to be managed upon their arrival; sometime we simply have to assign quad-axel tractors and request triple axel chassis to get the job done.

Military Installation Access – dealing with contractors and commissaries

We routinely deliver to all of Oahu's military facilities. Our drivers maintain their own access authorities and we maintain base sponsors that provide us access to your delivery locations as you require.

Professional Unloading Service/Lumper Service – managing your cargo at your dock

We find many customers prefer to have their FTL and Consolidated Shipments hand stacked to maximize the container's cargo capacity. However, when it arrives, the customer is ill prepared to unload the container in a timely and safe fashion.

Traditional Lumper Service would have our workers and equipment come to your dock and offload your container. Our twist is to have your container spotted at our dock (which is often closer and less expensive than spotting at your dock) and have our workers using our state of the art warehouse equipment to unload your hand stacked items, palletize them and deliver the load in a more easily manageable package.

We routinely perform this service for dry and refrigerated cargo.