Hawaii Transitional Facility

International Express is one of 3 approved USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) sites on Oahu that provides complete USDA inspection services for inbound foreign meat, egg and poultry. We pick your container(s) up at the port and spot them at our refrigerated warehouse, where we stage your cargo for inspection, palletizing or re-palletizing as may be necessary for a successful inspection. We arrange to have a USDA FSIS Agent in our warehouse upon receipt of your cargo and we work with the Agent to assure a timely but thorough process. We then deliver your product after inspection to your facility, or directly to any number of your customers.

We are a Hawaii Department of Agriculture approved Transitional Facility Pilot Project sites for off-port inspection of agricultural commodities arriving in Hawaii. As a Transitional Facility site, International Express is able to more efficient methods for inspecting agricultural goods through streamline inspections procedures at its Waiwai Loop refrigerated warehouse. Transitional facilities are an effective means to accommodate requests for waiver of at-port inspection and to streamline inspections. As an approved Transitional Facility, International Express met all facility, equipment, supply and training standards required by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture Plant Quarantine Branch.